Why We Rock

As we say in our mission statement – we are an unique music marketing & promotions company. We accomplish these goals by using the following (but we are by no means limited by these) methods:

  • We help you craft and build a plan unique to your music and goals. You know you need a plan, right? Right?
  • We help you develop a strategy and a focus to help you empower a community which in turn will empower you by supporting your art and your music. What is that you say? You’re a loner? Well, we’re gonna change all that…
  • We help with fan acquisition.
  • We may build you a web site. Then again, we may not. But if we do, rest assured that we build sites that kick bootay…We’re ninja WordPress developers. We also build on Virb, Square Space and Bandzoogle. Pick your poison…
  • We know Topspin. We know stuff about Topspin that you can’t learn from those nifty online videos. And we know how to work around some of Topspin’s limitations and shortcomings so that you don’t have to beat your head up against a wall. Let us do that…Yes, Topspin has issues, but it’s still the best darn music marketing software platform on the planet.
  • We know how to help leverage your social media network on Facebook & Twitter to market your music. Here’s a hint: “Stop asking. Start giving…”
  • We work with tools like Bandcamp, Reverbnation, RootMusic & MailChimp all the time.
  • We will threaten you with bodily harm if you don’t use YouTube and/or Vimeo to get the word about what you do. Trust us. You want video hits.
  • Our biggest strength is that we’re good and patient teachers. We will teach you how to do this in our warm and fuzzy manner. Until we need to bring out the stick…A very BIG stick. But we will still walk softly.
  • We can help you promote, market and get optimum visibility for your shows in town. Provided there is enough time, fans and momentum. If you don’t yet have a mailing list, we need to start there…
  • We can help you digitally distribute your music.
  • We love indies. In fact, we love everybody. Except maybe people who use social media to be anti-social…

Most importantly we are a music marketing company by musicians, for musicians.

What We Don’t Do

  • Do your work for you. The point of fan engagement is – well – to be involved in fan engagement. If someone else is pretending to be you in front of your fans on social media and the interwebs, we think somebody – we won’t mention any names – is missing the point.
  • Make everybody happy on your behalf. It’s just not possible. Sometimes to quote Derek Sivers, “You have to proudly exclude…”

In Summary

You will basically hire us to make you work very hard…Yes, we think it’s a pretty good deal too…

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