The Tennessean covers Keeley Valentino’s “Little Things” Evolving Instagram Music Video

Sat, Aug 30, 2014

Music, Technology

We did something cool. When we started Outside The Box we had a vision. It was to use digital technology and a high touch approach to connect and amplify the relationship musical artists and brands have with their fans and the rest of the world. With the launch of Keeley Valentino’s “Little Things” interactive evolving Instagram music video project we feel like we’ve managed to demonstrate that tech doesn’t have to be cold, sterile and distant. With the right artist it can be incredibly powerful, emotional and meaningful especially if the music embodies the same qualities. We believe this is the first such project by any artist in the Country/Roots/Americana genre.


(click on image to view Instagram Music Video)

Our heartfelt gratitude to Nate Rau of The Tennessean for telling our story with just the right balance of clarity and warmth. He consistently delivers great articles that are thoughtful and well written. There are others behind the scenes who were responsible for making this project possible. Many thanks to Joe Shepherd of Joe Shep Media, a graduate of the Nashville Software School for making our design and concept come to life.

(click to read article in The Tennessean)

Finally – and certainly not least – Keeley Valentino for being an amazing artist who writes beautiful songs and stays true to who she is to the core. Thank you for trusting us to deliver something special.

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