The Power of Vulnerability – How Amanda Palmer Raised A Million Dollars

Thu, May 31, 2012

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In about 6-7 hours, Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter campaign will come to an end. By then she will have raised well over a 1.1 million dollars for her upcoming project. Her target by the way was $100,000. It’s fair to say that she has obliterated her goal.

None of this is net of course but she outlines where all of this money will go.

Ms. Palmer is the poster child for how to do things in the Indie DIY music world. I’ve spent some time thinking about why she is so immensely successful at a time when most major labels are struggling in the new world order of the music business.

I think it comes down to the power of vulnerability. In fact, If you go to comments section of the Hypebot article chronicling this achievement (warning – image with article is not safe for work and is definitely "R" rated) , you’ll see that the reactions vary from those congratulating her to that of negativity and skepticism. Over and over again she has made herself and her music not only easily accessible, but she places herself completely in the hands of her fans. Leaving herself not only open to accolades but to criticism as well. She deals with both truthfully and transparently. In a lot of ways her willingness to surrender to community and commit to a whole other level of fan engagement has paid large dividends for her.

She alludes to all of this in this article. This is very enlightening stuff. How would you build your army?

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