Music Marketing Interview with David Hooper of Music Business Radio

Hey folks, David Hooper of Music Business Radio was gracious enough to have me on his music marketing podcast. We had a great time talking about digital strategy and how to get your online shizzle together. Check it out!

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This post was written by:

Charles Alexander - who has written 45 posts on Outside The Box Music.

Charles Alexander is a performing songwriter, music entrepreneur and digital media marketing strategist. He was born in Malaysia and lives in Nashville. He recently bought a shinier, new vocabulary. He can also be bribed with "gulab jamuns" and an insulin chaser.

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He is successful in music marketing for almost two decades.


Charles Alexander thanks for sharing this beautiful article. David Hooper is a huge name in music industry and I am big fan. He shares numerous things that are beautiful to listen. I also recommend this page to my friends to come and listened interview.

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SEO Moorpark

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