Music Is A Super Power

Sun, Jul 10, 2011

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As I sat in Vanderbilt Stadium enrapt with the spectacle that was the U2 concert…It hit me. Music is a super power! Especially if it’s done right…

Full disclosure – I am an U2 nut. A total Bono & gang superfan. The show at Vanderbilt on the 2nd of July was my first time seeing them perform live…and it was an unforgettable experience. In this era of marketing and hype – I think sometimes we forget that it really is about the music and the experience – and how you build community & a movement via music (see The One Campaign).

And the boys from Dublin brought it!

I mean c’mon! They recorded Mark Kelly, Sen. Gabriel Giffords‘ husband while he was in outer space saying, "Hello Nashville, tell my wife I love her…" before performing "Beautiful Day." That’s some serious juice.

And again, what an unbelievable event. The audience that was there will not soon forget that show – and neither will one particular sight impaired fan. Here’s some video I shot of Bono singing "All I Want Is You" for the guy’s wife while being accompanied by the fan, Adam Bevell. At the end of the song, Bono gives him his Irish Falcon Gretsch guitar. One of 13 ever made:

Yes, music is a super power and U2 are super heroes. It was a gift to be there.

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