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When The Right One Comes Along

5. December 2012


12/14/12 Update: Tonight Sarah & Justin fulfill a life long dream. They play the Grand Ole Opry at The Ryman. We’ll be there cheering them on. We’re just so incredibly happy for them. A little over 3 years ago, my friend – hit songwriter, Pam Belford (George Straight’s “If I Know Me”) asked that I [...]

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SHEL – A Band For The New Music Business

17. October 2012


SHEL’s newest video, "On My Way" (disclaimer: We recently became part of SHEL’s digital marketing team. We’re part of the team precisely because we feel they possess a lot of the qualities needed in order for a band to be successful today.) We’ve spent some time looking at bands and artists who have really taken [...]

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Country Aircheck review of Digital Summit

15. June 2012

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A review of Leadership Music’s Digital Summit from our friends at April 30, 2012, Issue 292 Digital Summit: Social/Traditional Media Balance As the music and radio industries get caught up in the frenzy over social media, several experts at last week’s Leadership Music Digital Summit offered some insights as to how Facebook, Twitter technology tools [...]

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Bring On The New

25. September 2011


Recently I heard a quote attributed to a music business executive that went something like this: "The new model doesn’t exist…" Now I don’t know for sure if the exec actually said that. I think it’s incredibly easy to take a quote out of context. But I’d love to give that executive the benefit of [...]

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Music Is A Super Power

10. July 2011


As I sat in Vanderbilt Stadium enrapt with the spectacle that was the U2 concert…It hit me. Music is a super power! Especially if it’s done right… Full disclosure – I am an U2 nut. A total Bono & gang superfan. The show at Vanderbilt on the 2nd of July was my first time seeing [...]

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TopSpin – A Review from Berklee to Implementation

23. February 2011


This past Fall I signed up for the Berklee TopSpin Course. Before I signed up, I looked for all kinds of feedback or reviews on the course, the only comprehensive one I could find was on Hypebot by Brian Coughlin of the band, Kinch. There were some short paragraphs in various Google Group and web [...]

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